Services & Fees

Yoga Classes

Drop-In Class

One visit

$      15

Drop-In Crystal Bowls

One visit

$      20

5-Class Package

For all on-going yoga classes

Two-month expiration

$      65

10-Class Package

For all on-going yoga classes

Three-month expiration

$    115

Monthly Unlimited Yoga

30 days starting at any time of the month

Excludes Workshops and Special Events

$    115

Additional Workshops and Special Events

Have a separate fee and are not always included in class cards

Class sizes vary, must pre-register


New to Yoga Package

Includes one, one-hour private session

and four group yoga classes at the Indoor Studio

$    125

Yoga Mat Rental


$       1

Yoga Mat Purchase

Variety of colors

$      20

Studio Class Packages

Are non-transferable and non-refundable


Mandatory Pre-Registration

Includes  Crystal Bowls Classes, Workshops

and Special Events


Beach Yoga

Sliding Scale Donation of $5 and up

Not included in a Studio membership

Please no coins and only US currency for Beach Yoga.

All are welcome with or without a donation.

Loving Light Yoga pays a monthly fee to Charlotte County, which gives us Vendor status and allows us to teach classes on the beach. Your donations help to offset these costs as well as help to defray costs associated with equipment and insurance. Donations also allow us to provide yoga classes to families not be able to afford it.  


This enables us to give the gift of yoga to everybody. 

$5 and up

Audio & Video
Online Monthly Subscription

Starting August 4, 2020

Unlimited streaming access from the Loving Light Yoga website
All online Audio & Videos On-Demand

Monthly fee is $45.00 per month

$      45

Audio & Video Subscribers - Studio Unlimited Yoga


Special Offer for Audio & Video Monthly Subscribers
Want to do both Indoor Studio Classes and Online Monthly at Home?
Purchase a Monthly Unlimited Studio Card, good for 30 days starting at any time of the month.

Excludes Workshops and Special Events

$    85

Private Yoga Sessions

Learn the basics of yoga, Yoga as Therapy or Yoga Nidra in a one-on-one session.

Lata will help you learn the basics of yoga or help you improve your current practices.  With personal attention to your needs and physical condition, this session will enable you to achieve more fluid movement as well as build strength, focus, balance and concentration thus taking you to a deeper level of your practice or preparing you for a group class with confidence.

Maybe you are recovering from an injury or other medical challenge, and you would like to learn how yoga can help you heal and how to restore your body, mind and emotions?

Do you have a certain pose you would like to work on?  Maybe breathing and meditation or healthy eating tips?  Do you just need to get some clarity on the practice of yoga?  Lata is looking forward to hearing from you.






When I started yoga at Loving Light Yoga, I couldn't sit on my heels, I couldn't kneel for cat or dog pose without support under my knees, and my upper body couldn't support me for long in down dog or plank.  I was all about disappointment with my body and myself for getting me into this weakened state.  One day, as the class progressed, I was struck by the fact that I was sitting on my heels!!  Honestly, tears welled up.  My body was doing something it couldn't do before!  My body remembered that it was created to do these poses naturally, without thought or judgment. This year on my return to Florida, I set the intention that my focus would be to embrace that which my body is doing and not judge where I struggle.  I celebrate the poses I can do, even if I can only do them partially.  I just say "YEAH Down're holding yourself up!"  "YEAH're stronger and stronger!"  I believe my Private Yoga classes with Lata helped me to return my body to its normal functioning state.  I FEEL SOOO GOOD!  Inside and out!  — Johanna, Rotonda West

1 Hour and 30 Minutes

$   95

1 Hour

$   75

30 Minutes

$   45

Pre-Registration &

Preparation for Class

Pre-registration is required for Crystal Bowls classes, Medical Qigong, Workshops and Special Events.  Please call to cancel if you are not able to attend.  Class sizes vary and often times we have a waiting list.


Please do not eat a full meal before any meditation or yoga class. This is to allow for your comfort and your alertness to stay awake and aware during meditations.  

Bolsters and blankets are supplied for the Crystal Bowls classes. 


Please bring a mat and a small towel for your bolster!!!

Please bring a yoga mat if you have one.  If you do not have one, a yoga mat may be rented from the Studio for a fee of $1.  Please be sure to disinfect your rented yoga mat after use.  Disinfectant is provided at the Studio for your use.  We do have yoga mats for sale in a variety of colors for $25.

Additional important notes are provided in specific Class Descriptions sections.

Please bring cash or check to the studio or pay online with credit card on our online store.

Cancellation Policy

Many of our classes are full during season. Pre-registration for specified classes is mandatory so that we can comfortably accommodate all students while maintaining the sacred space.


If you have pre-registered and need to cancel, please do so by calling or texting Lata via 239-280-6745 at least two hours before class (click on bold link for quick access).

You can also cancel by email (click on bold link for quick access).


Thank you for honoring our cancellation policy.  We prepare the room for the number we have registered, and others may be on a waiting list.

Contact Lata

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Call:  941-473-0135 or


 Monday - Sunday
 8 am - 6 pm



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