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What People are Saying...


I first started going to be beach yoga right after Lata and Robert started it more than 9½ years ago.  I have been going ever since. I now attend the early morning yoga on Tuesday as I work the other days of the week. I have met some lovely people through beach yoga. Beach yoga is for everyone no matter what age you are.  Lata ends each practice with honoring each and every one of us.  May every sunrise bring you hope and every sunset bring you peace.  Namaste.

Beach yoga, every day, who could ask for anything more?

They do good work in a loving way.

I moved down to Florida from New York.  I attended beach yoga with a friend and felt like I had come home.  They teach more than yoga.  They live their life by the principles they discuss during class thus teaching by example.  They are compassionate, caring teachers who are always available to their students.  When I had a car accident, they were there to help me emotionally and physically.  They take the time to speak with and get to know all who work with them whether on the beach or in their Studio.  They are supportive and help their students find joy and peace in life.  I am grateful to have found Loving Light Yoga/Englewood Yoga by Lata and Robert.

Englewood Beach is beautiful and unpretentious....  It is the perfect place for morning or sunset yoga. Everyone is welcome....  It is a wonderful class for stretching and building core. Hidden gem...what Englewood Yoga Center adds to this community is priceless.

An amazing opportunity to renew your practice on a daily basis. The friendliest place to be on the beach! 

Absolutely love it...discovered it in 2015, try not to miss a morning all winter long.  Lata and Robert are great instructors.  Best way to meet genuinely nice people and keep yourself strong and supple!  Such a great workout!  I had to get the DVD for those days I can't attend!

What a great place to get in a great workout.  Lata and Robert are the best teachers ever.  You have the sun, sea and mother earth to help you.

After moving to Manasota Key (near Englewood Beach) six years ago and attending beach yoga, I decided that THIS was how I wanted to wake up every morning!  I knew NO ONE when I moved here. And now I have too many friends to count, true and like-minded friends — all from attending beach yoga with Loving Light Yoga on Englewood Beach!

I have been going to Englewood Yoga now for the past two months.  I love it and am so happy I finally went.  I enjoy all the classes and their availability.  Lata has been my inspiration to continue.  She has a way of filling you with complete peace.  Her husband Robert is always available with a warm and friendly smile.  I would encourage anyone to stop in and give it a try.  Promise you will be glad you did. Thanks Lata and Robert.

LOVE IT!  We vacation there every April, and it is one of the things I look forward to.  Hope it never leaves Englewood Beach.

I have been taking classes at Englewood Yoga Center for three years, and it is the best thing for my body, which is very fit at age 71.  Yoga helps me with figure skating, which I do twice a week also.  Lata varies the program and always has surprises. I love it!

We've owned our home on Manasota Key for many years, but as a teacher, we only visited our home on school vacations.  On one of these visits, I discovered Beach Yoga with Lata and Robert.  Eventually we moved away from our home in Ohio and became residents six months in Florida and six months near Seattle. I missed seeing my lifelong friends and my work routine. Yoga became my "job!"  I love the routine and attend nearly every day.  Also when we have no company or family on holidays in our Florida home, we go to yoga.  It is held 365 days a year.  It gives me the strength, courage and grace to continue stronger than ever this new chapter of my life.

Englewood Yoga Center!  Two of the most kind, loving real people to enter my life!  To watch them continue to grow and continue over the years to offer love, support and encouragement is beyond measure!  Deeply grateful to have found two people, who through all the storms of Florida, offer thousands a loving safe place to BE!

I tried yoga on Englewood Beach and never stopped going.  Over time I started going to the studio.  It has helped me immensely with better health and flexibility.  Lata and Robert have changed my life.

There is nothing in this world like practicing yoga on the beach.  I ride my bicycle down to Englewood Beach on Manasota Key and enjoy the daily morning practice.  Loving Light Yoga does a great job leading us in our morning yoga practice.

As a new retiree and snow bird last year, I drive 20 minutes three times a week for this wonderful way to start my day.  Both Lata and Robert are excellent instructors and make you feel like part of this community.  I can't wait to go back in the fall.

My husband and I own beach rental property on Manasota Key.  In the owner's letter to our guests, I encourage everyone to attend Lata's and Robert's daily yoga classes on Englewood Beach.  They are wonderful teachers, and the class is geared to all fitness levels.  With the beach as your studio, you leave “feeling calm, happy and focused."  I cannot think of a better way to start your day.

A wonderful place with wonderful and kind folks!  I first started going to the beach yoga while on a "local vacation."  I was hooked.

I was attracted to Loving Light to the signs around Englewood advertising Yoga at Englewood Beach.  I Googled Loving Light and went for a visit.  Robert and Lata were so welcoming and so natural and so encouraging, so I signed up for classes.  I immediately became so comfortable in classes.  From the get-go, Lata encouraged us to listen to our bodies and appreciate the life within ourselves.  While I came to enhance flexibility and increase strength, I left each lesson feeling more calm, more appreciative and more positive.  You really do leave class with a desire to help bring joy and positivity into the world, and THAT is the commodity that Lata and Robert peddle at Loving Light.

I have been enjoying Beach Yoga with Lata and Robert for three winters now. They are great teachers and have just a wonderful way of making you feel welcome and capable. I have brought experienced guests to Lata's class, and they have all said she is the best yoga teacher they've ever had!  Loving Light Yoga on Englewood Beach is one of the nicest places you'll ever go.

When I was in Venice this past winter, I did yoga at least twice a week with Englewood Yoga Center.  It helped me in body, soul and spirit.  Robert and Lata greet everyone so personally, and the community of yogis is always fun to visit with.  And so many times, I met others and we shared stories that made real "heart" connections.

Love beach yoga with Lata!!!  Pat Foster at 90 is a great inspiration.  We have moved, but I hope to some day return to beach yoga.  In the meantime, I start each day with the 5 Tibetan Rites.

My Mom passed last December, and I was searching.  Not in the best of health and limited mobility, I didn't even think I could do it.  It was love at first class!  I'm stronger and have more balance and flexibility than I have had in years!  The peace and serenity this brings me is amazing!  The sand under your feet, the sun, the salt air and Lata's calming voice transports you to a peaceful and happy place.  Truly a blessing!

I had a first-time yoga experience with your group on Englewood Beach the Saturday after Halloween.  I have since returned to my home in Reno, Nevada.  I am pleased to say that I enjoyed the session as a first timer, and I am now confident that I can condition myself with yoga probably anywhere on earth.  The beauty of the beach location is important as yoga is socialized exercise with the earth and its creatures.  When my wife and I return to Manasota Key, we will participate with your group and instruction.

I came to Englewood with my two-year-old son to visit my mom, his grandma, and she told me that she's been doing beach yoga and she really wanted me to try it out.  I have to admit, I thought that it might just be some light stretching, especially since I've done a lot of yoga in my life.  But I was delightfully surprised.  I went on two separate mornings, and both Lada and Robert were wonderful.  They provided a grounded practice that used a nice vinyasa flow and really connected to not only the physical, but also the spiritual practice of yoga.  It's also a perfect setting, with the waves crashing on the sand, the ocean breeze guiding the practice, and the Florida sun lightly dancing on your back.  Next time I return to Florida, I will definitely come back to these beach yoga classes to start off my day.

I can't say enough how much I truly enjoy your sessions!  I now look so forward to starting each morning at beach yoga!   I am just a yoga novice/beginner, but I've noticed that each session affects me somewhat differently and all in a good way!  My body, mind, soul feeling so renewed, relaxed but strong, refreshed, free, energized!   Looking forward to participating and learning so much more, and I couldn't ask for better instructors or a more beautiful place to do all that at!  Feeling grateful.  Thank you, Lata

Attending classes at this yoga studio is one of the highlights of my time in Florida.  Lata is an awesome instructor, and her classes offer your body stretching, strengthening and a genuine feeling of well-being.  Some classes are so popular that you need to arrive early to ensure a spot.  To help with this issue, a second class is often offered in a different room a few minutes later to ensure all can participate.  I guarantee you will leave feeling so much better than when you arrived.  Whether you want yoga, Pilates or restorative, you will find it all.  What a fabulous experience to attend classes at this yoga studio.

Another experience opening the mind and body.  A room filled with people; silent, alone, together lead by two dedicated yogis.   A cocoon, protecting us for a short time from the reality of life.  Opening our higher selves to the gift of giving, caring and understanding.  Taking care of one's self enabling us to continue our journey.  A true teacher reflects on past, present and future classes, adds subtracts and enriches the lessons. Above all takes great notice of the student's level.  Lata accomplishes all of the above through mindfulness and lengthy planning.  It is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for the gifts.

Lata, first let me tell you, "Thank you, thank you" for introducing me to Yoga Nidra!   Since I loved the final relaxation portion of Beach Yoga, I knew I wanted to try the longer, complete relaxation of Yoga Nidra.  I was very pleasantly surprised!   After each Yoga Nidra I attend, my mind, body, and spirit feels so calm, peaceful, and totally relaxed!  I recommend your Yoga Nidra to anyone who wants to learn how to relax more or to those who already know how to relax because it is an extremely enjoyable experience!  Love and Thanks!

I was vacationing this past week on Manasota Key and attended Beach Yoga all week!  I just wanted to tell you how wonderful it was.  Lata and Robert are awesome!!  I was able to attend a few classes last year and could not wait to get back to it this year.  It was the highlight of my morning.  I love yoga and I love your passion for yoga as well!

My experience with Lata's Gentle Yoga has been amazing.  Her voice is clear and relaxing guiding us with a gentle flow of postures, asking us to allow our yoga practice to meet us where we are in our bodies in the present moment.  I feel safe and supported, and I always leave feeling open, happy and relaxed.

When I started Yoga at Loving Light Yoga, I couldn't sit on my heels, I couldn't kneel for cat or dog pose without support under my knees and my upper body couldn't support me for long in down dog or plank.  I was all about disappointment with my body and myself for getting me into this weakened state.  One day, as the class progressed, I was struck by the fact that I was sitting on my heels!!  Honestly, tears welled up.  My body was doing something it couldn't do before!  My body remembered that it was created to do these poses naturally, without thought or judgment. This year on my return to Florida I set the intention that my focus would be to embrace that which my body is doing and not judge where I struggle.  I celebrate the poses I can do, even if I can only do them partially.  I just say "YEAH Down're holding yourself up!"  "YEAH're stronger and stronger!"  I believe my Private Yoga classes with Lata helped me to return my body to its normal functioning state.  I FEEL SOOO GOOD...inside and out! 

Dear Lata, Since doing the Yoga Nidra I have felt a lot of shifts from within.  Some of this is just from being in your studio and bringing the loving energy back into my house.  


I am a young senior of 66 years.  After eight years of CURVES, I was forced to quit due to my inability to perform the routines on the exercise equipment and was still experiencing numbness in my feet and hands, shooting pain down my legs, imbalance and difficulty in walking and could not cross my legs.  I suffer from Stenosis, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis and High Blood Pressure.  However, since February 2011, I have been participating in yoga classes with Lata at the Loving Light Yoga Studio.  I have seen drastic changes in my overall condition.  I feel less "achy," my balance has improved, fewer bouts of shooting pain and less numbness in my feet. I have noticed a decrease in my weight and over all toning in my mid-section.  I now attend five classes per week and believe that it is the subtle stretching and movement of yoga that have contributed to my overall increased well-being.  Namaste   

We were introduced by a neighbor to yoga on the beach over a year ago. We are retirees in our 60s, and we love the beach!  It is so much nicer doing yoga there than in a class or gym.  We can look up at the blue sky as Lata invites us to settle into the earth and breathe with sounds of the waves, birds, and wind.  Her instructions are useful to our practice, and her voice soothes us to invite our entry into our inner world.  We have had earlier experiences with yoga, but we had not had the consistency until now.  Lata's class on the beach has enabled us to establish a daily practice that aids us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I have enjoyed every minute of your yoga classes and sessions.  I have returned to Minnesota and will not be with you again until January 2013.  My wishes are that you continue to be successful with your business and your lives.  Your yoga reassurances are wonderful, and the mood you set is great. Thank you for letting me be a part of this great situation.  

What an amazing winter, due in large to your presence.  The spectacular yoga and support is beyond measure.  You both are so gracious and talented in your field, especially reading the needs of those you encounter and care for.

I just wanted to thank you for a great morning. I have been a nurse for 33 years and have studied many forms of medicine.  Today you exhibited a wonderful healing voice and skill level that I consider to be of a Master.  I hold in great honor those who can offer healing, peace, and comfort to those in need.  Thank you and Bless you.

Due to the many dis-eases in my life, I stopped for seven years doing yoga.  In the past I had brilliant yoga teachers, but Lata has been the best.  Lata has taught me to be patient and gentle with myself and gave me hope in getting better in time.  I like Lata's approach in teaching yoga.  In a very short time, it has been very satisfying and showing great results.  When I started yoga with Lata, I had high cholesterol, diabetes, with dangerous sugar levels, which sent me many times to the hospital with rapid heartbeats, which made it worse having a metallic valve in me.  I decided that I was not going to let fear take a hold on me.  I started yoga with Lata.  I did fear that I would not be able to practice yoga since my ligaments and veins had been severed through many parts in my body due to the robotic heart surgery that I had.  I was amazed.  In one month I already feel my body responding beautifully.  I am beginning to feel vitality and feel better.  I received from my doctor my lab results, and my cholesterol level decreased, my sugar levels were normal and my diabetes reversed.  Better yet, no more rapid heartbeats.  Thank you, Lata, for your gentle guidance and understanding.  Also, because of your sense of humor and charisma, I am always looking forward to your classes.  Thank you for your Light Energy.  Namaste

Loving Light Yoga has made an everlasting, remarkable and positive change in my life.  Through Lata's loving and compassionate hand, I have become more devoted to my yoga practice, experienced extreme deep relaxation therapy, embellished in rain drop therapy, learned personalized healing and exercise techniques during private yoga therapy sessions, and grown spiritually just by knowing this lovely and very gifted teacher.  We are so very fortunate to live so close to this very special person. 

I purchased the Sleep CD in hopes that it would help lull me to sleep.  I always benefit tremendously from the guided meditation that Lata provides at the end of our yoga class and thought the Sleep CD might be the answer to sleepless nights.  The first night I listened to the CD I realized the next morning that I didn’t even remember falling asleep.  Lata and Robert have done a marvelous job with this CD, which I continue to use on a regular basis.

I also purchased a pain relief cream that Lata made and tried it on my injured shoulder.  I have used several topical creams, ointments and gels with varying degrees of success.  I used Lata’s cream made for muscle soreness and arthritis, and it is fantastic!  It smells good and is not overly oily, goes on smoothly and relieved the pain in my shoulder.  I highly recommend it. — LM, Englewood

I have my Master’s Degree in Nursing.  I worked for 36 years in the field and was devastated when doctors told me I could no longer work!  I am blessed to be able to spend winters in Englewood.   I was so afraid I would not be able to do the yoga!   The diabetes has caused lesions in my brain, which has taken a toll on my balance.  I can now do tree pose with my foot on my leg!  All so improved in only two weeks!  I am enjoying the morning beach yoga so much!  It has really helped my shoulder.  I had surgery on it about six weeks before coming down to Florida.  Yoga has been the best therapy!  I also had back surgery five weeks before the shoulder surgery.  In only two weeks, I feel like a new woman!  As a brittle diabetic, I was getting so discouraged.  Your beach yoga has been a Godsend.  Thank you!  I am telling everyone about it!  I feel better than I have in years!!  I think I am in danger of becoming a yoga groupie!  I feel great!  Thanks again for helping me get back to my old self!!  P.S. Will see you most every morning on the beach!


A Wonderful Testimonial by Janice Williams, Englewood, Florida


Two friends were sitting at my kitchen table the other day, and the subject turned to yoga.  One of them, Anne, had never experienced yoga with Lata.  She was working with another instructor and telling us they were doing kundalini practice, and she asked me what kind of Yoga we were doing?

I thought about it for a second and replied, "It's the kind of yoga where you feel you are being lovingly held through each pose, guided in each phase of breath and completely nurtured in your practice, so you find yourself capable of melding mind, body, spirit in ways you never imagined!"

I closed my eyes and went back to a day at Beach Yoga.  I believe it was the very beginning of class.  I remember, as we were lying on the soft warm sand with the relaxing sea sounds enveloping us, Lata described our practice being supported by the Earth and uniquely informed by our own highest consent.  In that instance I could feel a sentience from deep beneath me fully supporting my being and connecting with my True Self with a powerful pulsating frequency.  It was something very familiar that I had lost touch with and that I can only describe as soul nourishment.  On that particular day and on many other occasions I can recall, Lata has been able to tap into other dimensions and make their gifts easily accessible to all of us with her vivid guided imagery, expressive voice and mastery of the art of yoga.  Many times I find myself being embraced by the Universe and able to energetically open to the flow of life moving through from unseen realms.  I walk away from these sessions filled with joy and enthusiasm.  I also find I am able to "see" and utilize this flow of life in my everyday experience and private practice.

I am able to remain calm when that is needed.  I am able to open my heart with wild abandon when that is how I feel, and I also feel totally protected and safe doing the most outrageous things!  For the first time since I was a kid, I have found myself on several occasions laughing so hard I am crying.

Reflecting on the original question now, I am smiling.  Anne probably wanted to know if it was hatha yoga, power yoga, ashtanga yoga or another name for the myriad of yogic forms that you may find today.

I guess you could call it "Loving Light Yoga," and that sometimes mere words can never describe it all.  So I hope my friend Anne, and maybe you too, will join us at the "Loving Light Yoga" studio or at "Englewood Beach Yoga" and experience what this yoga can do for your day and much more — Your Life!  Become part of the wonderful community circle that is growing around our yoga practice here in Englewood as we remember who we truly are and just how special that is.  Namaste...the divine light in me honors the divine light in you.

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