Sound Therapy

with Crystal Healing Bowls

Time to Replenish and Relax


A gentle flow of supported poses held from two to 20 minutes to allow the body, mind, muscles and deep connective tissues to relax and open, releasing deep held tensions in the body.  Surrendering into to gravity as you are embraced with an ocean of sound vibrations from the healing crystal bowls, music for your soul, ending with a deep relaxation Yoga Nidra.

Please bring a mat and a small hand towel, and arrive at least 20 minutes early.

Pre-Registration is mandatory for this class. 


If you need to cancel, please call or text Lata at 239-280-6745 at least two hours before class. We prepare the room for the number we have registered, and others may be on a waiting list. 

Class limit is 16.

Please pre-register.

Please bring a small towel to place on your bolster, and please bring a mat.

Mats can be rented for $1 at the studio.  We also sell mats at the studio for $20.

Sound Vibration and Tones from the Crystal Bowls...


...emit a healing frequency that reverses disease and promotes soul and emotional restoration.  We may not fully understand on a rational level, but our cells understand.  When you relax and absorb the healing tones and vibrations, your body tunes in to the frequency — all of the cells in your body will start to resonate with this healing vibration.


Yoga Nidra — A time to relax, restore, and renew.  A deep, guided meditation that will take you into the deepest levels of relaxation.  Through the use of guided imagery, breath awareness and now the healing sounds of the crystal bowls, Yoga Nidra will help to alleviate not only muscular tensions, but also mental and emotional stress, healing the body, mind and spirit — bringing you into balance, harmony and peace.


Your body is in perfect health when your energy is in perfect health.  It thrives in a flow of healthy energy. 

Crystal bowl therapy, therapeutic yoga, meditative movement, guided imaginary, deep relaxation and breath heals on every level — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


Through the vehicle of sound, one can transcend fear, anxiety, pain, suffering, energetic blocks and so much more.  Clarity, knowledge and wisdom flow effortlessly when we are in a peaceful, composed and alert state.  Our body naturally heals itself.


The singing crystal bowls help to still the mind, allowing us to be at peace and in the awareness of our essence — in tune with Pure Consciousness!


The crystal bowls remind us of who we truly are, not separate from the Absolute.  As we relax and listen to the singing bowls, our entire brain illuminates allowing the right and left hemispheres to communicate together.  New neural pathways develop.  Leaving you feeling at peace and content and fully aware and present.


The crystal bowls are singing gifts from Mother Earth herself, made of quartz crystal.  They are a modern version of healing tools that have been used since ancient times.  As the bowls are tapped and played, their quartz crystal matrix vibrates.  This sound vibration spirals outward in an ever-widening circular path that travels to infinity.  Not only are you able to hear the tones, you can actually feel the vibrations.  They resonate with the crystalline structure of the body as well as its subtle template also known as the aura.  The bowls are tuned to our musical scale, and each note correlates with different energy centers in the body.  These centers in turn correspond to different body systems, organs and endocrine glands all the way down to the cellular level. 


Disease is caused by "disharmony" in the body.  By allowing the pure melodious vibrations to flow through your body, you begin to harmonize and essentially become more "in tune."  This has an overall positive effect on your being.

Pre-Registration & Preparation for Class

Pre-registration is required.  Please call to cancel if you are not able to attend.  Class size is limited.  


Please do not eat a full meal before any meditation or yoga class. This is to allow for your comfort and your alertness to stay awake and aware during meditations.  


All Yoga Nidra meditation classes are with the participant lying on the carpeted floor with mats and blankets.  Some bolsters are available for use to help release stress on the back.


Please also bring a small towel to cover your bolster.

Please bring cash or check.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class. We start promptly, and then the door will be locked.

Cancellation Policy

Many of our classes are full during season. Pre-registration for specified classes is mandatory, so that we can comfortably accommodate all students while maintaining the sacred space.


If you have pre-registered and need to cancel, please do so by calling or texting 239-280-6745 at least two hours before class (click on bold link for quick access).

You can also cancel by email (click on bold link for quick access).


Thank you for honoring our cancellation policy.  We prepare the room for the number we have registered, and others may be on a waiting list.

What People are Saying...


Melding the calm profoundness of Lata's Yoga Nidra with the resonance of Robert's Crystal Bowls is absolutely magical.  What a unique and uplifting experience!  Lata, please accept my continuing reservation for Tuesdays.  — Patty C.

Lata's Yoga Nidra with Robert playing the Crystal Bowls was a wonderful and healing experience! — Mary K.

Dear Lata, Since doing the Yoga Nidra I have felt a lot of shifts from within.  Some of this is just from being in your studio and bringing the loving energy back into my house."  — Love Nina, Punta Gorda