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"Crystal Journey Yoga Nidra"

“Crystal Journey Yoga Nidra,” a guided relaxation with the healing sounds of the Crystal Bowls with Lata and Robert of Loving Light Yoga. This CD offers a powerfully restorative Yoga Nidra session enhanced by the healing vibrations of the Crystal Bowls. The practice of Yoga Nidra, which means "sleep with awareness," offers many physiologically positive benefits that reach beyond ordinary sleep.


As Lata guides you through a progressive relaxation, your body comes into what is referred to as homeostasis (balance) as heart and respiratory rates lower. This can help lower blood pressure, which is the root cause of many aliments. Deep relaxation also helps those dealing with depression, anxiety and chronic pain.


Relaxing deeper and deeper into this restful awareness encourages both the body and mind to let go and to dissolve away tensions. This allows your true self to emerge. The sound vibrations from the Crystal Bowls enhance this Yoga Nidra practice by opening, cleansing and rebalancing the seven chakras, allowing you access to your deeper levels so that you once again feel a connection with your whole self.

"Crystal Journey Yoga Nidra"

  • Audio CD - Listen, Relax, Meditate, Practice Yoga, Enjoy


    55 Minutes

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